It is one of the main tools for managing urban traffic and mobility policies, helping greatly to improve mobility in the city.

Regulated parking zone

It favours mobility in the most commercial and service areas, in areas with high traffic saturation and a shortage of parking spaces.

We work for mobility of people and cities.

Discover the perfect duality in parking with APPARKYA. The convenience of managing parking in both regulated areas and underground car parks in several cities in Spain.

Manage your space in regulated parking zones with ease and avoid unnecessary fines, or choose the convenience of underground parking to protect your vehicle from inclement weather.

The smartest way to park

Discover a smarter and more efficient way to park with APPARKYA, either by reserving your parking space, or by paying for regulated parking with the available mobile app.

Join our community and experience the convenience of managing your parking needs anytime, anywhere.

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Reservation of seats, ticket management and more

Apparkya is a platform that completely simplifies the management of your parking reservations, so you can enjoy your activities without worrying about parking.

Welcome to a new level of parking convenience with Apparkya!

Apparkya car parks
Regulated parking zone
Manage your parking tickets in the blue zone directly from your mobile with Apparkya

Controlled parking zones, which are also known as Blue zones, is a mobility solution in cities. With the help of all the agents it favours the management of surface-level car parks, traffic and the space shared among all the users, in other words, it is a fundamental cornerstone of mobility.

Your parking meter on your mobile

Our parkings

We know how complicated it can be to find a parking space in the city centre. That is why, Apparkya wants to make it easier, more convenient and with the best price. Find the parking space that you have been looking for in the different towns and cities where Apparkya has car parks. Forget about having to drive around for hours looking for a parking space, by booking Online you will be saving time and money.

Seville Resident parkingCiseno Alto
Seville ParkingMercado del Arenal
Seville ParkingJosé Laguillo
Seville ParkingMercado de Triana
Seville ParkingRafael Salgado
Granada ParkingHermanos Maristas
Malaga ParkingPaseo Marítimo
Malaga ParkingPuerto Deportivo Estepona

Controlled parking (Blue Zone) in Spain

Aussa has run surface-level car parks for 25 years, controlling parking zones on public roads through a regulated management system, which, you can use in certain cities with Apparkya, so that you can manage your time in the blue zone.

Controlled parkingCalahorra
Controlled parkingChiclana
Controlled parking Collado Villalba
Controlled parkingHuelva
Controlled parkingMorón de la frontera
Controlled parkingSevilla
Controlled parkingÚbeda

We process your resident card for regulated parking lots.

Join our community and experience the convenience of managing your parking needs anytime, anywhere.

Parking planning and management

We plan the operation by taking into consideration the characteristics of the event and the people taking part in it, we study the access and traffic policies that will be presented; we adapt the facilities to make sure it is the size required and, finally, we run car parks with a first class service for the end customers.

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Parking planning and management.
Improving the flow of traffic in cities

The tow truck service is indispensable to control the traffic. This service helps improve the flow of traffic in cities and it raises social awareness of complying with the law

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