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Find out all the details, tariffs, timetables and streets of the regulated zones in Spanish cities.

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Manage your parking from the comfort of your home or with your cell phone wherever you are.

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Park in the regulated zones (blue, green, orange...) without having to use the parking meter.

Resident Cards

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Regulated parking, or socially known as Blue Zone, is a solution for mobility in cities that allows the management of surface parking lots, facilitating circulation and space among all users.

Aussa has been managing surface parking for 20 years, regulating the public road through a regulated parking system, which you can manage in some cities with Apparkya, allowing you to manage your time in the blue zone.

Locate your vehicle

Locate your car thanks to our GPS connection.

START-STOP function

Manage your parking time. Renew, extend or end your ticket from the app.

Ticket history

Download your payment receipts and consult your movements in the app.

Fine Notifications

Receive a warning on your mobile phone if your vehicle is reported for exceeding the parking time.

Cancellation of fines

You will be able to cancel the fines from the app. No need to go to the parking meter.

Download your vouchers

Access to the car park via the number plate reading system.

Where are we?

We have been managing surface parking for 20 years, regulating the public road through a regulated parking system. With Apparkya you can manage your regulated parking in several cities, from payments without parking meter, your time in the blue zone and even your resident card.

Regulated Parking zoneCalahorra
Regulated Parking zoneChiclana
Estacionamiento ReguladoCollado Villalba
Regulated Parking zoneHuelva
Regulated Parking zoneMorón de la Frontera
Regulated Parking zoneSevilla
Regulated Parking zoneÚbeda

We process your resident card for regulated parking.

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