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Collado Villalba
Blue zone in Spain
Regulatory hours
Working days (Monday-Friday)
From 9:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00
From 09:00 to 14:00 h
Sundays and Holidays
Summer timetable
Monday to Saturday - From 1 to 31 August.
From 9:00 to 14:00 hours.
Current rates
ESRO Price – Blue Zone*
Up to 1 hour
0,00 €
From 1 hour
0,80 €
Up to 1 hour and 15 min
1,00 €
Up to 1 hour and 30 min
1,20 €
Up to 1 hour and 45 min
1,40 €
Up to 2 hour and 15 min
2,00 €
ESRE Price – Green Zone*
Up to 15 min
0,40 €
Up to 30 min
0,80 €
Up to 45 min
1,20 €
Up to 1 hour
1,60 €

Expired time on the meter.

The ticket to stop the fine imposed for expired time on the meter has the following values:

  • Within 60 minutes after the hour when a warning was given about the fine: €3.00.
  • Between 60 minutes and less than 120 minutes from when the warning was given about the fine: €9.00.

For not having the ticket. Fine imposed for not having the ticket or the receipt associated with the parking ticket: €9.00 (Within 60 minutes after the expired time on the meter).


Electric vehicles in the city of Collado Villalba:

Electric vehicles are exempt from paying the regulation fee.

People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) in Collado Villalba:

Vehicles transporting people with reduced mobility and always displaying the PMR card in full visibility on the windscreen, are exempt from payment in the whole area.

Distinctive Residents in the City of Collado Villalba:

They can be requested either at the SAC or through Collado Villalba Town Hall.

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Customer service

C/ La fuente nº2, Collado Villalba (Madrid) 28400


The following list shows the complete list of streets and avenues with regulated parking:

  • Real Street
  • Plaza Príncipe de España
  • Alpedrete Street
  • Morales Antuñano Street
  • Travesía de la Venta Street
  • La Venta Street
  • Julio Ruiz de Alda Street
  • Madrid Street
  • Narciso Martínez Cabezas Street
  • Rafael Alberti Street
  • Batalla de Bailén Street
  • Plaza de los Belgas Street
  • Virgen del Pilar Street
  • Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda Street
  • Paseo del Río Guadarrama Street
  • Plaza del Río Street
  • Plaza de la Estación Street
  • Patios de la calle Julio González Valerio Street
  • La Fuente Street
  • Juan Carlos I Street
  • Ruiz Street
  • Guadarrama Street
  • Rubén Darío Street
  • Clara Campoamor Street
  • Camino del Berrocal Street
  • Pereda Street
  • Zunzunegui Street
  • Madroños Street
  • San Fernando Street
  • Inmaculada Street
  • AragónPlaza de la Estrella Street
  • Julio González Valerio Street
  • Capitán Cortés Street
  • Sol Street
  • Maximino Idígoras Street
  • Plaza de la Estación Street
  • Ignacio González Serrano Street
  • Héroes del Dos de Mayo Street
  • Virgen de la Cabeza Street
  • Travesía Real Street
  • Plaza Príncipe de España Street
  • Asturias Street
  • Alegría Street
  • Cruz Roja Street
  • rinidad Street
  • Honorio Lozano Street
  • Segovia Street
  • Federico García Lorca Street
  • Los Molinos Street
  • Cercedilla Street
  • Mataespesa Street
  • Ruiz de Alarcón Street
  • Los Madroños Street
  • Cipriano Sevillano Street
  • Eufemia Herranz Street
  • Plaza de la Sierra Street
  • Antonio Varela Street
  • Ruiz de Alarcón Street